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Sponsor a Baby Shark Programme

Urraíonn Clár Siorcanna Babaí

While the world may have paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, life continues for our fishy friends here at the Achill Experience. Despite how much the world has changed in the last year, nature carries on for all wildlife, including our sea creatures who still require the same high standard of care.

Our amazing aquarium team work non-stop around the clock to ensure our fishies are kept safe, happy and healthy – even on Christmas day! As the Achill Experience has had to close for significant periods of time throughout this past year due to lockdowns, our revenue has unfortunately suffered however; you can help the Achill Experience with our Sponsor a Shark Programme

Over the Christmas period, we had 7 exciting new arrivals to our aquarium. After growing in their egg sacs for 9/10 months, Bruce, Pearl, Speckle, Lúnasa, Quint, Zoom, Keel & Keem were born. We are so excited to have these adorable creatures at the Achill Experience and we can’t wait for all our visitors to meet them! While you may not be able to see these lovely creatures in person, you can still help to support them. There are considerable costs involved with caring for our fish, particularly 7 baby sharks, when our main source of revenue has greatly decreased.

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No matter whether or not our doors are open, these sharks must be looked after you can significantly help to support our baby sharks. The perfect gift for a loved one or even yourself, why not sponsor your very own shark. By sponsoring one of our baby sharks for a once off payment of €24.99 you will:

Receive our digital shark sponsor pack filled with fin-tastic goodies including:

  • Fish Icon An official certificate of sponsorship.
  • Fish Icon A picture and video of your chosen shark.
  • Fish Icon Fact sheets on catsharks.
  • Fish Icon Free admission to the Aquarium for the Sponsor of the shark.
  • Fish Icon A big thank you on our digital thank you wall.
  • Fish Icon You will receive updates about your shark throughout the year via email.
  • Fish Icon You will be significantly helping the Achill Experience to ensure our baby sharks are well looked after.
  • Fish Icon And you get to say you have your own baby shark – how cool is that!
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Baby Sharks for Sponsorship

Siorcanna Leanbh don Urraíocht

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Sponsor Your Baby Shark of Choice

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Sponsor a Baby Shark and help the Achill Experience Aquarium team care for all these animals and more while closed to the public.